Who we are and what we’re about

At Ask My Accountant we are the partners you can count on during good and bad times, just know we will get through it together. Unlike most accounting firms, our background is primarily focused on corporate accounting.

There’s no substitute for someone who’s worked in the trenches of the typical day to day business activities and can relate to most if not all front office operations. While typical firms decide to work with dead (History) numbers, here at Ask my Accountant we work with real current numbers to give you the best possible view of your business at a moment’s notice. Working with actual numbers require constant communication which simply means we must work together to achieve your company’s goals.

A little bit about the Owner

Alexander Galindo

Growing up in South Florida as a first generation American whose parents barely spoke the language, Alexander like most kids in an immigrant family had to quickly adapt and mature at a young age. As a teenager, Alexander remembers the time when his parents would drag him along to sit for the treacherous 3 hour wait while his parents waited to file their taxes. Unfortunately, not everyone can do taxes correctly and Alexanders parents always found themselves either short or ended up returning a portion of their return due to preparers wrong doing.

Fast forward 12 years later, working a full time job for a demanding aviation company with two beautiful children; he managed to graduate top of his class from Florida International University (FIU) with a degree in Accounting. If that wasn’t enough stress for him, he decided to go back to school that same year and pursue his Masters in Taxation from FIU Chapman Graduate School of Accounting. ​

“Building a business takes a team effort…
but it only works if you’re willing to work together”

Words from the Founder

Accepting head accounting positions throughout my career into various industries has allowed me to understand the in’s and out’s of a business. Whichever role I played whether it was a Senior Accountant position, Assistant Controller or Finance manager, I always had that entrepreneurial spirit to help me along my career. Like most entrepreneurs at one point in their lives, I decided it was time to start a new endeavor.

With my background in Financial Accounting and Masters in Taxation, I feel confident I would be able to provide you with the utmost superior accounting services you’ll need. Working closely with my past CEO’s, I’ve learned to build a business takes a team effort, but it only works if you’re willing to work together.

Becoming an entrepreneur comes with its own challenges, don’t let your accounting be one of them. The road to success is few and far between, let’s work together to narrow the gap.

Alexander Galindo
Founder of Ask My Accountant